EMF Device Reviews

EMFDevice Reviews

The world in which we live wouldn’t be the same without the physical laws of electromagnetism at work.  On a grand scale, the transfer of energy throughout our universe relies on electromagnetic fields.  And on a much smaller scale, so do our bodies. Nerve impulses, muscular contractions, and physical movement depends entirely on tiny interactions of charged particles that normally occur all but entirely undetected by our senses.

One great example of this is in the field of fitness training.  Targeting muscle groups can lead to unwanted muscle soreness.  The addition of a TENS unit into your training routine can bring your whole training program to the next level with programs designed to minimize delayed onset muscle soreness.  But they also have a lot to offer to those seeking pain relief.

Physical health is important for happy and pain free living. On top of regular exercise, good air quality in your home is also essential since you and your loved ones will spend a large amount of time indoors.  A negative ion generator can effectively remove particulates from the air that have adverse effects on cardiovascular and pulmonary health.  During your day-to-day activities a negative ion bracelet can help with addressing minor maladies and improvements to your mood .

In the therapeutic fields, there are a wide variety of therapies that utilize targeted electromagnetic fields.  Some are intended for pain relief in deep tissues while others provide cosmetic benefits, such as beauty treatments with red light therapy or radio frequency facial machines.

Some of our favorite EMF gear is technology based, and provides some really practical applications.  Preventing data theft is a big deal today, with hackers looking to target vulnerable data transfers and technology.  Faraday bags, pouches, and wallets can keep your sensitive electronics and credit information protected from prying eyes.