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Best Low EMF Baby Monitors Reviewed

Best Low EMF Baby Monitors

Keeping a close eye on your newborn is comforting as a parent and provides an extra layer of safety for your child.  Knowing when your child is sleeping soundly as well as when they are awake is very helpful.  But did you know many baby monitors produce high levels of EMF emissions?

That’s why we reviewed the best low EMF baby monitors – so you can keep your baby safe while minimizing EMF exposure.

Many of today’s baby monitors feature advanced technology such as audio, video, and wifi connectivity.  But many of these technologies have contributed to higher EMF emissions and could be detrimental to your baby’s sleep patterns and even have negative effects on overall health.

When shopping for the best low EMF baby monitor it is important to find the right balance between technology and safety.  In general, minimizing unneeded features will provide better EMF protection.  But even if you prefer a good number of features, this article offers additional tips and tricks for reducing EMF exposure from baby monitors.

Top Low EMF Baby Monitor Comparison

Top Choice
Philips AVENT SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor with FHSS
EMF Emission
Customer Rating
Sony NTM-910Y 900 Mhz Babycall Nursery Monitor
EMF Emission
Customer Rating
Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor, White
EMF Emission
Customer Rating
Babymoov Expert Care - Baby Monitor with High Performance Low Emission Safety Digital Green Technology
EMF Emission
Customer Rating
D-Link Full HD Pan & Tilt WiFi Security Camera – 720p HD Resolution – Night Vision – Remote Access (DCS-5030L)
EMF Emission
Customer Rating

Best Low EMF Baby Monitor

1. Philips AVENT Video Baby Monitor

Philips AVENT Video Baby Monitor Review

Philips AVENT Video Baby Monitor

The Phillips AVENT Video Baby Monitor is one of the most advanced monitors on the market. Featuring FHSS technology, the Phillips AVENT is the ideal choice for security-conscious parents who want to ensure their baby monitor is operating within a safe network. Designed to transmit via a frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS), the Phillips AVENT enables you to get all the benefits associated with wireless technology, whilst reducing the risk of interference or unauthorized access.

If you’re used to scrabbling around trying to find the baby monitor in the dark or are constantly wandering from one room to the next trying to remember where you left it, the Phillip’s wall mountable option could be just what you need. Easy to install, the wall mounted fixtures give you a reliable place to store the monitor and you can place it in the perfect location to view your baby.

The 3.5” color screen offers good clarity, which means you can see your baby clearly via the monitor. The built-in infrared night vision offers increased visibility in the dark, so you shouldn’t have any problems viewing the screen or getting a clear picture, providing nothing interferes with the transmission.

Beloved by many parents, the talkback feature on the Phillips AVENT enables you to soothe your baby without going into the room. If your baby stirs or begins to wake, but you don’t want to risk waking them further by entering the room, you can simply talk or sing them back to sleep via the handy talkback feature.

With a high-spec video monitor, secure connection via FHSS, in-built temperature monitor and talkback feature, the Phillips AVENT isn’t typically classed as a low EMF baby monitor and many parents may be put off by this. However, if you’re looking for a baby monitor which is packed with features and are willing to risk a slightly higher EMF than other models, the Phillips AVENT may be just what you’re looking for.

Philips AVENT SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor with FHSS
216 Reviews
Philips AVENT SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor with FHSS
  • Baby video monitor with FHSS technology for a secure private connection to your baby with a 3.5" color screen
  • Wall mountable with automatic infrared night vision
  • Comfort your little one with the talkback feature, a night light or lullabies, while monitoring the temperature in the room
  • Voice activation mode
  • Wall mountable

2. Sony Babycall Nursery Monitor

Sony Babycall Nursery Monitor Review

Sony Babycall Nursery Monitor

The Sony Babycall may be a little more traditional than other low EMF baby monitors, but it does its job well. If you’re looking for an advanced monitor backed with high-tech features, the Sony Babycall is likely to disappoint. However, if you want a trusty monitor which enables you to hear your baby at increased distances, Sony’s Babycall monitor may fulfill your needs.

Designed to operate on 900Mhz frequency, the Sony Babycall claims to have an extended range, so you can go further with the receiver and still hear any noises your baby makes. Of course, this will depend on any interference which may be present, so the exact range you’ll get may vary.

To increase sound quality and ensure you get the best range possible, Sony has ensured the Babycall features a whopping 27 channels. If interference does impact on sound quality, it’s easy to switch to another channel, and with 27 to choose from it should be easy to find one which offers clear sound.

With the option to plug in both the base unit and the receiver, the Sony Babycall may be well-suited to non-tech savvy parents who want a straightforward monitor. If you choose to keep both units plugged in, you won’t have to worry about recharging them or unexpectedly running out of battery when you need it most.

Of course, the ability to charge the devices ensures you can move around with them, which is great if you’re likely to move around your home whilst your baby naps. However, many users report that newer models of the Sony Babycall require a Sony rechargeable battery pack, rather than standard AA batteries, which could put some parents off.

Popular with many parents, the ease of use associated with the Sony Babycall is one of its best features. Whilst it doesn’t have a talkback feature or video transmission, it’s low EMF output ensures it’s considered one of the safest baby monitors which will enable you to pick up on sounds in your baby’s room as he or she sleeps.

Sony NTM-910Y 900 Mhz Babycall Nursery Monitor
40 Reviews
Sony NTM-910Y 900 Mhz Babycall Nursery Monitor
  • Sony NTM-910Y 900 Mhz Babycall Nursery Monitor

3. Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor

Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor Review

Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor

Advertised as having a 600ft+ range, the Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio baby monitor is perfect for parents who may be situated quite a way from their baby’s room or nursery. If you live in a large home or regularly spend time in the garden whilst your little one sleeps, having the extra range can be extremely useful.

Although this Safety 1st monitor offers just two channels to minimize interference, many users find that it works well on 49Mhz and that minimal interference is heard. However, this could vary from home to home and only featuring two channels could be a drawback if you regularly experience interference on both.

With the option to run the units on batteries or plug them into the wall socket, the Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio offers flexibility to parents when they need it, whilst the easy-to-use features ensure you’ll be able to operate the units, regardless of how tired you are!

Whilst the Safety 1st unit features a pretty standard design, it does have some useful extras. The headphone jack enables you to listen out for your baby using headphones, which can be handy if there’s interference, you’re hard of hearing or you’re worried about not hearing your newborn. Similarly, the convertible carry loop or belt clip puts this model well above some other monitors on the market. Although these seem like fairly standard features, they’re often overlooked by other manufacturers.

Easy-to-use, chargeable or usable via a wall socket, budget-friendly and easy to carry with you, the Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio is a great choice for parents who want a reliable baby monitor with an extended range and low EMF output.

Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor, White
525 Reviews
Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor, White
  • 49 MHZ (analog)
  • 2 channels to minimize interference
  • 600+ ft range
  • Audio jack for listening w/earphones
  • Convertible belt clip / carry loop

4. Babymoov Expert Care Baby Monitor

Babymoov Expert Care Baby Monitor Review

Babymoov Expert Care Baby Monitor

If you want a low EMF baby monitor but you still want a high-tech model, the Babymoov Expert Care Baby Monitor could tick all the boxes. Although the Babymoov is able to operate with a relatively low EMF output, it still functions on a digital frequency. Using revolutionary digital green technology, the Babymoov Expert Care Monitor claims to emit up to 33 times fewer waves than average digital monitors.

Whilst some parents may still prefer the low EMF analog option, the Babymoov Expert Care Monitor is a fantastic way to ensure your monitor transmits digital quality sound with reduced EMF output.

A range of 2,650ft ensures parents have a good degree of flexibility when they’re using the Babymoov, and the digital sound quality isn’t interrupted by interference in the same way as analog models, so you’re more likely to get the range that’s advertised, as opposed to a range that’s heavily impacted by your location and house structure.

The receiver, or parent unit, has a rechargeable lithium battery, as well as an AC adaptor, so it has various power options to rely on. In addition to this, the baby’s unit can run on just three AAA batteries, so you won’t be stuck if you lose chargers or have a power outage.

Designed to offer enhanced functionality, the Babymoov Expert Care Monitor has an automatic channel finder, as well as an acoustic alarm to let you know when you’re going out of range or when the battery is running low. With a built-in clip attachment, you can wear the receiver, rather than carry it, which makes the Babymoov monitor user-friendly and flexible.

With VOX function, the Babymoov becomes active when your baby cries or makes a noise, but the unit can also be set to transmit continuously if you choose. The increased functionality of the Babymoov Expert Care Monitor when compared to low EMF analog monitors, will attract many parents who want to benefit from digital sound quality without high emissions. With a built-in nightlight, significant range and comprehensive power options, it’s easy to see why the Babymoov Expert Care is considered to be the best baby monitor by many parents who want a low EMF, safe baby monitor combined with green digital technology.

Babymoov Expert Care - Baby Monitor with High Performance Low Emission Safety Digital Green Technology
12 Reviews
Babymoov Expert Care - Baby Monitor with High Performance Low Emission Safety Digital Green Technology
  • First-ever monitor with Digital Green Technology: combining the performance of clear, zero interference digital technology with the safety of low-emission power levels
  • Safer for baby. Mobile phones, Wi-fi, baby monitors….all devices that emit electromagnetic waves around baby. Babymoov's baby monitors emit less waves! Up to 33 times less waves
  • High Range: 2,650 ft. and long battery life; rechargable lithium battery(parent unit) and AC adapter or 3AAA batteries(baby unit)
  • VOX function : monitor activates when baby starts crying. Night light, voice activated or continuous
  • Automatic channel search, acoustic alarm " out of range" and "low battery", Belt clip on receiver for hands free

5. D-Link Full HD Camera

D-Link Full HD Camera Review

D-Link Full HD Camera

If you look over the details of the D-Link Ful HD Camera, you might notice that, on the surface, this is only a camera.  In other words, this is not truly a baby monitor.  Don’t get distracted by that minor point.  With some very simple setup, this camera easily becomes the ultimate low EMF baby monitor.

Alright, lets get right into the details. This camera offers everything you need in a low EMF baby monitor: High resolution 720P HD video, Pan and tilt, 16 foot night vision, and remote access.

But here is the big seller: You can drop the EMF’s associated with wireless altogether, because this monitor can be hard wired.

For the easiest setup, ideally your home would be wired with Ethernet connections.  But if you don’t have Ethernet jacks in your baby’s room, you can also buy a plug-and-go adapter which allows you to use regular electrical outlets instead.

Here is what you need to hard wire your D-Link Camera:

Setup is anything but complicated.  In your baby’s room, plug the shielded Ethernet cable into the wall via your Ethernet jack or your D-Link Powerline adapter, and plug the other end into the D-Link Full HD Camera.  If you use the D-Link Powerline adapters, plug the second adapter into an outlet near your internet router and connect them with the second shielded Ethernet cable.

The last step is to download the free Mydlink app on your phone or tablet so you can monitor the camera.  Watch the EMF levels plummet!

Here is a great video showing radiation free baby monitor setup:

D-Link Full HD Pan & Tilt WiFi Security Camera – 720p HD Resolution – Night Vision – Remote Access (DCS-5030L)
156 Reviews
D-Link Full HD Pan & Tilt WiFi Security Camera – 720p HD Resolution – Night Vision – Remote Access (DCS-5030L)
  • Premium resolution and visibility pan and tilt camera allows you to see large areas with 4x zoom and 720P HD resolution
  • Operating temperature: 32 to 104 degree F (0 to 40 degree C); night vision this camera allows you to see up to 16 feet in complete darkness with the built in IR LEDs
  • Remote access: accessible anywhere on iOS devices, Android devices, and windows phones
  • Sound and motion detection: The sound and motion sensors trigger auto recording and push notifications to phones
  • Simple setup easily connects to your existing Wi Fi network and can be set up using the mydlink Lite app

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