Multi Purpose Electromagnetic Field

We Know EMF

At Multi Purpose EMF, we want to be your premier source on the many aspects of electromagnetism and the various fields generated within the vast electromagnetic spectrum. With the widespread evolution of technology and wireless communication, densely populated areas are becoming more and more flooded with EMF pollution.  We want to help you make informed decisions that help you avoid the pitfalls of today’s technology, with also using the benefits of EMF’s to your fullest advantage. We are here to help you protect yourself as wel as your loved ones from the potentially harmful effects of EMF pollution. But we also explore beneficial therapies involving EMF fields and help you to better understand EMF radiation in general. In short, we’re here to help.  Multi Purpose EMF provides you with general information on all the various facets of EMF fields. We also provide a reasoned approach at electromagnetism based on years of working with radiation first hand on a daily basis. We want to share your knowledge and experience so that you can make an educated choices when you decide to make changes to your life habits.  With constantly changing technology also comes an incredible variety of devices and gadgets designed to address the new emerging fields and potential hazards. We’re here to make sure you have all the latest information.